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Collector of time

Old card calendars with advertising on them
Old card calendars with advertising on them
Old card calendars with advertising on them

Our friend Minerva’s mother is a collector of time. She keeps loads of years inside a box. It is exciting to go all over the past through these little cards once used for time reference. It’s the best. Sometimes these cards even allowed you to measure objects up to 8-9 cm long. This little print ruler was priceless.

If you are out of your head… no worries! a solution for you: our IMEDIO glue

These cards, mostly with advertisements on them, remind us of the carefree ingenuity, characteristic of the tone of yesteryear communication. To tell the truth, it ignites tenderness in me.
If you like this topic, here is a flickr album that portrays a selection from this collection. Besides the tender ads, we have very cute doggies, very virginal Virgins as well as ladies that seem pretty open to any offer. Some of the cards are real treasures of illustration.

In English thanks to Comunica34

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