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Immortal cacti

A series of cacti made out of recycled plastic bottles
Cactus details made out of recycled plastic bottles
Tropical plants made out of recycled plastic bottles

Veronika Richterová‘s botanical textures, that she makes by recycling and manipulating plain plastic bottles are worth seeing.

An open-mouth discovery at thisiscolossal
In English thanks to Comunica34

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Delf / Graphic designer. She thinks that nuts are extremely well made ​​objects.

3 comments on “Immortal cacti

  1. Sencillamente formidable!
    Buen trabajo! Super creativo e innovador.

  2. Hugo says:

    C’est génial, quelle magnifique idée, j’adore ! C’est tout à fait ce que j’aime, faire de l’art avec de la récup.

  3. nora ruppel says:

    Excelente trabajo. Bellisimo. Existen tutoriales para conocer como la artisata manipula las botellas para lograr esa preciosidad.

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